Established in 2000 and based in Torquay, Victoria, Australia

​​​Makestuff is all about creating unique spaces with heart and warmth.
 We love bringing graceful curves to pieces, softening their edges to be gentler on the eye.
Makestuff would like to bring something beautiful to your space.

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Commercial Fitouts

​​​ Here at Makestuff we enjoy a challenging brief and are often sought out by clients who need the unusual .

It's amazing what comes out of the end of your arms.

While Makestuff's passion is working in timber, often other complimentary elements are incorporated, such as metals, leather, concrete, vinyl, and glass etc

We believe the depth that recycled timber brings to a piece comes from the patina as well as the presence of the timbers history.

    Good design along with the use of quality oils and wax finishes bring richness and longevity to a piece, 
leading to furniture built to last the ages. 

Saving Grace Bar,
Lt Collins St Melmourne

Beales st house